There are currently three IDEs available.

Desktop IDE

A desktop version is available as a Visual Studio Code Extension. It can easily be found by searching sCrypt in the Extensions Marketplace. This IDE comes with advanced language features and is intended for professional development. A boilerplate project is a good base to kickstart your own sCrypt project.

Here is a document on how to use this IDE.


A browser-based IDE can be found at It is for quick learning of sCrypt immediately without any installation and suitable only for small contracts. Currently, it does not support importing contracts.


The sCrypt Playground combines the full power of the desktop IDE and the convenience of the sCrypt Studio. It fosters the entire lifecycle of contract development entirely in your browser, including developing, deploying and managing sCrypt smart contracts. It offers the exactly same advanced features as the desktop IDE, since it is simply VSCode running in a browser. It requires no setup and acts also as a playground for learning and teaching sCrypt.